Small Irani Cafe Tucked Away in a Pune Suburb

Cafe India, NIBM Road, Pune. 

Absolutely amazing small-scale Irani restaurant 

Do not miss – Mushroom Cheese Omelette, Chicken Cheese Omelette.

Doing away with the old chairs and furniture, Cafe India is more modernised, small Irani cafe with benches and tables. Although there is a warning, it doesn’t attract the best crowd, so you might be better of going with guys or a large group. 

Been eating here since a while now, whenever I visit the food and Irani chai is of top quality. Today we had breakfast here and were happy as always.

1. Suleimani chai (25/-)

Tea bag black tea served with with water, separate mint, lemon and sugar. Large glass. Heartening! A good way to begin your meal.

2. Chai (17/-)

Creamy, milky chai with reduced thick milk and reduced black tea, both of which are constantly boiling in separate traditional vessels. The texture and consistency of the chai is perfectly ‘panikum’. Orangish-baige colour with a bitter sweet after taste that lingers on like a memory.


3. Cheese omelette (55/-)

A 2 egg omelette generously stuffed with cheese and then folded into half, keeping the cheese melted, incubated and the omelette juicy. Onions, coriander, masala omelette which bursts in your mouth.

4. Mushroom Cheese Omelette (65/-)

One of the best things I’ve had in Pune. I always come to this joint for this dish, it’s a meal by itself. Made like the Cheese Omelette described earlier, this is a fully stuffed, folded, spiced 2 egg omelette loaded with cheese and mushrooms with a soft juicy core. As you break into it, it’s goodness oozes out. Cafe India makes the best cheese omelettes.


5. Scrambled Eggs on Toast (50/-)

Irani style plain Akuri bhurji on two buttered toasts. Juicy and sumptuous.


6. Bun Maska (25/-)

Large, soft, dense bun generously buttered. Really heavy!

I’ve also had the Chicken Kheema Pav (large quantity, delicious, great value), Cheese Bhurji (tasty, filling, recommended).

No idea why this place isn’t more popular. It’s way more satisfying than most Irani places I’ve been to (including Mumbai) and the quality of the food is outstanding. The Irani brothers who run it will happily talk to you about the history of their family and country of origin, the splendour of Authentic Irani cuisine and the beautiful props in the shop. Must visit! This is the second review of this place that I’ve written.


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  1. mukul chand says:

    looks absolutely yummy

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    1. It is indeed! Try it sometime 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. mukul chand says:

        will do whenever in Pune next.

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