Food Escapades – New Martin, Colaba, Mumbai

Yesterday evening a dear friend and I were in Goregaon and decided to eat something good. I’m used to traveling long distances just for good food, so we hopped onto a fast train to Churchgate, walked to Taj and then turned into one of those beautiful lanes to end up at one of my favourite joints,New MartinNew Martin is one of the oldest joints in Mumbai (and possible India). It serves homely Goan food at amazingly reasonable rates. I’m the third generation in my family who has eaten here.

We had:
1. Goan Sausages with Pao (120=00)
Subtly flavoured, dismembered Goan sausages with Pao. Enough said. They tasted fresh and were seasoned just right. The ones you get in Mapusa Market or even Old Goa are different in the sense that they are a tad spicier but these were more subtle. The vinegar wasn’t too harsh, just enough. When you immerse Pao in their fat, it quickly and obediently absorbs all the goodness which later melts in your mouth.

2. Pork Vindaloo (120=00)
Five boneless tender pork pieces with a bit of fat in a tangy gravy. This was one of those vindaloos which you can go on having. The flavour of the tomatoes and pork was perfectly entwined. Although I would’ve personally liked it to be a little spicier, but that’s my personal taste.

3. Goan Sausage Pulao (140=00)
We needed something to feel full and what better than Sausage Pulao? Everytime I’ve eaten this dish, its been different. The one we had here was very much like a layered Biryani, wonderfully spiced aromatic yellow rice with with sausages underneath. The charm of these sausages is the marinade and fat, both of which went well with rice.
4. Apricot Custard with Jelly (50=00)
I only took a bite of this, personally I was too full to really taste it objectively. It was decent, the jelly bellow out powering the custard on top fairly. I would have this only on a lighter stomach. Overall flavour was pleasant, not too sweet, which I prefer.

Service? Brilliant. You are welcomed by a smiling waiter who knows your appetite the moment you start choosing the dishes. There is an old, handwritten wall menu, neatly inscribed with chalk on one side of the small cozy space. The service is incredibly fast, there is no time to check your Facebook and make a call. The dishes are served almost immediately as you place the order.

Value for Money? For the price and quality, yes. This joint is a perfect combination of heritage, quality and consistency. Being in a beautiful locale, a post-dinner walk is a must-do.

One must note that Goan and Konkani food can vary across households and sub-regions, hence being open to varying flavours is the key. New Martin‘s serves a mainly subtle Portuguese-Goan fare, which is a tad milder than other settlements. There is no thali system but a dish system priced reasonably. Do try the Steak with Onion and Chips, Salami and Eggs, Fish Curry Rice, Kheema and Mutton Pulao too.


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